The lights did not light up

Today’s youth have no respect for traditions. Can you believe if the contestants of the succulent show Leaders! Didn’t eat the sauce during the first challenge on Radio-Canada’s reality show, which involves cooking a pot-n-pot typically Madelino?

Released at 6:15 p.m.

We will not do that to Jean-Luc Pauley, let’s see. Abundant sauce, seasoning of dishes and sacred homage to the products form the backbone of his magic. Chiefs! Since 2010. I know that, you know, and the 13 new candidates for the new brigade are Mr. They learned the hard way that Paul was not given a dry bat. Unacceptable! Unacceptable! Slander!

Humor aside, this is 11And Season Chiefs!, Returning at 8pm on Monday, April 18 after an epidemic break, promises to be tastier and crispier than ever. He brings us classics like our favorite espuma (with potato skin, be careful), assembly of plates with thermomix, soapsticks, chin-chin with glistening water, oils of myson rphi, cut fingers and elys famous interventions. Marquis: “I ask you to stop everything, I have to issue a notice.”

And in 2022, we will not only value the product Chiefs!But we increase it.

After the first round of Pat-n-Pat, a seafood tour from the Magdalen Islands where we pronounce “Pote n Pote”, enthusiastic cooks threw very good food in the trash. The result: their message Coach Colombe St-Pierre forces them to cook compost next week: carrot tops, broccoli stalks and potato peelings.

Photo by Radio-Canada

Colombe St-Pierre, chef and owner of Chez Saint-Pierre Restaurant. Coach Of the show.

No, Daniel Vézina did not resume her role as mentor, entrusted to Colombe St-Pierre, owner of Chez Saint-Pierre, a restaurant in Bic. On camera, the dynamic chef comes to the top. He is funny, loving, engaging, good teacher and ends each chapter with a beautiful humorous proverb.

The judges’ desk is also becoming more feminine. Isabelle Deschamps-Plante, the finalist, was included in the original trio formed by Normand Laprise, Pasquale Vari and Jean-Luc Boulay. Chiefs! During the 2013 and 2014 editions Leaders! : Refund.

Photo by Radio-Canada

Judges of Chiefs! : Normand Laprise, Jean-Luc Boulay, Isabelle Deschamps-Plante and Pasquale Vari

As a judge, Isabelle Deschamps-Plante, who now serves as executive chef at Ricardo’s cafes and counters, completes the expertise of her boyfriends who have been on the job since the first season. He brings a different color to the analysis of the food of a former participant who experienced this stress in front of the cameras. However, it is not honey, without bitterness. Like any self-esteem recipe everything is a question of balance.

Chapter One Chiefs! The car rolls at full speed, the second the same suffocation. The presentation of 20 Boys of the Brigade 2022 interrupts between experimental trials, and the action never fails in an intense musical setting. Game of Thrones.

On screen, this new team immediately looks very cohesive and cohesive. Why? Because the contestants were isolated in the hotel for two weeks before the shooting started. They were able to communicate with each other through the zoom and were able to create a bond that was lacking in previous chapters.

This isolation has allowed them to read the classics of gastronomy in its entirety, which you will never whip up when the crab sauce or custard is hot, Lord, will you finish Normand Laprise?

Also, a bubble formed on the plateau Chiefs! It allows fighters to stick to each other, without having to worry about “two meters away”. We have the feeling of seeing them agitated on our TV and reuniting with normalcy.

Photo by Radio-Canada

Amin Lobby, 29, of Sauce-Chef Laval in Gentile, Westmont

Amin Lobby, 29, of Laval in Cafe Gentle in Westmount, is quickly becoming one of the few chefs, including the sauce-chef. His spontaneous reactions make him very sympathetic. Jean-Christophe Butin, 30, a sauce-chef at Fox, arrives at the workshop with his large metal tool chest filled with sharp tools.

Anthony Vian, 25, of Sauce-Chef Lewis in La Danier, Quebec, walks like a lion, but will he turn into a pig as he says? Among the favorites was Adrian Pastor, 30, of Rimoski, a lunch chef in Arlequin, as well as Elliott Puetoin, 27, a chef at the legendary Legende de Quebec restaurant.

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; In the second episode, Normond Laprise, a veteran player from Dokway! Also learn the meaning of the expression “snack a partridge”.

As spectators, the amount of stress that occurs during the finals of the show still holds our breath. That’s right. You know you don’t blow in a burning pot. The fire is suppressed by a lid. Fire Pro Tip, here.

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