Osheka-Festival |  Stunning Dua Lipa

Even though she brought the tour, it was the finale we’ve been waiting for Longing for the future at the Bell Center. Dua Lipa does not disappoint.

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Marisa Krokuhe

Marisa Krokuhe

She stunned us. The production of his show was breathtaking. All over Britain was surrounded by dancers (we counted ten), musicians and singers. They do not blend into the background, but create a great entertainment with the singer.

Giant screens, impressive light effects, props galore, precise choreography for every song: Oshika was given a full stage presence that we wouldn’t hesitate to call the Princess of Pop.

Photo by Oliver Jean, The Press

Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa should be on stage. She is in complete control until she creates before our eyes. She is friendly and kind (for example when she is thanking people).

No matter how much she danced throughout the evening (she conveniently changed out of her heeled boots halfway through the concert), moving across the stage and the adjacent catwalk, Lipa was always on point. In her bright, revealing and glamorous stage attire, she sang all the songs from her most recent album, Amazing. Longing for the future. If the album is a nail biter of pop music, you’ll definitely want to see it delivered on stage, where it takes on even more scope and conviction.

Photo by Oliver Jean, The Press

Dua Lipa

From sublime to pure emotion

This nostalgia is a theme that is honored on stage, even in images, costumes, and dance steps. Without kitsch, Dua Lipa pays homage to disco-pop. when Cold, two of her dancers on roller skates accompany her, while a disco ball is projected onto the screen behind her. We lift her in the air (while singing please) while getting groovy and sultry Pretty please. Then, for that A rant is always a rantShe creates a moment of emotion… culminating in an amazing dance remix where her dancers take center stage.

We especially appreciate the attention to detail in this Dua Lipa show blockbuster. For example, Osheka can be recited in animation at the beginning of the show. Dances tell stories. We feel the desire to present a complete concert in the choice of transitions: something very rare among pop artists, Dua Lipa sometimes combines three or four songs by combining them. She wants us to never stop dancing and enjoy it without a moment of ecstasy.

Dua Lipa knows how to give her audience a good time. It all sounds effortless, but there’s no denying that the show’s work is huge — if only to execute such a complex scene in the right way. That says it all, and if she returns to Montreal for a third time next week, we’ll be there!

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