Large areas of Europe are warming faster than the global average

In the summer months, large regions of the European continent warm up twice as fast as the global average, the scientists wrote in the Journal of Geophysical Research Atmospheres.

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Greenhouse gas emissions caused by human activities are making the climate on the European continent increasingly dry. This is particularly true in southern Europe and is associated with extreme heat waves and the risk of fires. Warming in Europe continues in the summer months Twice the speed of the global average – Evidence of scientists from Stockholm University.

The Earth’s surface is warming faster than the oceans Greater heat capacity of water. Taking into account the degree of warming of European lands, it turns out that the average temperature in April-September exceeded 2 degrees compared to the pre-industrial era.

8 million premature deaths

In southern Europe, due to the dry soil and less evaporation, the temperatures are much higher. No skimping means less dragIt can protect from sunlight. As predicted by climatologists, the arid climate is getting drier.

“Climate change is a dangerous phenomenon because it leads, among other things, to more frequent heat waves in Europe. And this, in turn, contributes to forest fires such as the devastating forest fires in Southern Europe in 2022.” – describes Paul Glantz of Stockholm University.

Scientists also appreciated The role of aerosols in warming. Locally and in the short term, they may reflect part of the sun’s rays, but they pollute the environment greatly. According to calculations, it may cause up to eight million premature deaths worldwide.

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