Landed in Moscow.  This is an official visit - o2

The “Ukrainian Truth” states that this is not the first visit of a Hungarian minister to Moscow since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. Since the day the Russian Federation attacked the neighboring country, Peter Szijjarto has twice visited the capital of the aggressor. The last time he was there was last July, and he was the first European official of this high level.

Peter Zijjarto in Russia. What was the head of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry doing in Moscow?

Peter Zijjarto personally – through his accounts on social networking sites – reported the trip to the Russian capital. The head of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also described in the post exactly what he did during the visit. It turns out that Peter Szijjarto took his first steps to the headquarters of Gazprom.

After landing, I immediately went to the headquarters of Gazprom. We expect long talks with CEO Oleksiy Miller, and tonight will be crucial to ensuring Hungary’s energy security – Minister Peter Szijjarto said on Facebook.

The head of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry had announced earlier that he intends to participate in negotiations to secure energy sources from the Russian Federation to his country. According to “Ukrainian Pravda”, this is how Peter Szyjjarto – according to public announcements – wanted to provide Hungary with the necessary supplies not only in the fall and winter, but also for the following months of 2023.

I will take part in appropriate talks with Gazprom, Rosatom and representatives of other companies, so that Hungary is confident in its energy supply not only during the winter, but also after it – announced Peter Szijjarto.

Not everyone is satisfied with the course taken by the Hungarian government in foreign policy. But the head of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry accuses his critics of “not interested in maintaining peace”.

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