December 7, 2022


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Starfield will be gigantic.  Bethesda confirms game size and more details

Starfield will be gigantic. Bethesda confirms game size and more details

Bethesda has launched a new series of videos that will bring interested parties the latest IP for an experienced studio. The creators of the series Fallout and The Elder Scrolls provide new information about Starfield, and this time Todd Howard mentions, among other things, missions and inspiration.

Starfield is by far the biggest game Bethesda has made, so the developers want to introduce more of the site’s charm by introducing new details about the adventure. The company has released the first material in a new series in which Todd Howard answers community questions.

This was confirmed by the director and producer at Bethesda Game Studios Starfield outperforms all previous studio productions in terms of missions, among other things. At the same time, players can count on a great depth of dialogue – The developers exceeded 250,000 lines of text. Skyrim (60.000) and Fallout 4 (111,000) were much smaller in this respect.

Starfield will offer a classic dialogue system and the developers have not forgotten, for example, the mechanics of persuasion – players will spend points to convince non-playable characters to be right.

Todd Howard also emphasized an interesting exploration idea – Players will have to pay attention to the fuel, but we will not see a situation when our ship stops. The developers realized that they couldn’t stop vehicles and trap characters only in outer space.

The Bethesda representative mentions, among other things, inspiration and negative features – players will be able to eliminate some effects through activities or quests, so there will be no need to start the game from the beginning, but those interested should remember that once the feature is removed, you will not be able to restore it .