Russia.  Anatoly Zubaj disease.  Russian dissident Mark Feigen: He has tremendous information about Putin

Could the Kremlin poison Anatoly Chubais? eliminate it? Of course it can. Mark Feigen, in an interview with the Ukrainian 1 + 1 TV portal, said that Chubais is the bearer of tremendous information about Vladimir Putin and his surroundings. A well-known lawyer, who has defended many Russian opponents in the past, noted information about the sudden illness of the architect of the Russian economic transformation and the former deputy prime minister.

About the fact that Anatoly Chubais, the former representative of the President Russian President Vladimir Putin The sustainable development team that resigned and resigned Russia After the military invasion of UkraineHe was taken to the hospital because of Guillain-Barre syndrome, Ksenia Sobjak, a celebrity and opposition supporter, announced at the end of July. “Unstable condition. It got worse, suddenly his arms and legs went numb” – she wrote on the channel in Telegram. She also quoted Chubag’s words that he was in one of the European clinics.

A Reuters conversation said Chubais could talk but could not walk. He is in the intensive care unit. Apart from the doctors, his wife is also taking care of him.

Italian media had reported earlier that the Russian had been resting in Sardinia in recent days and had felt unwell there. report: Russia’s attack on Ukraine

Chubais’ departure from Russia was seen as a declaration of opposition to the Russian attack on Ukraine, so after reports of a disease of muscle weakness due to nerve damage, independent Russian journalists and opposition activists began expressing fears that he had been poisoned.

Anatoly Chubais. archive photo

Fejgin: Chubais is the bearer of enormous information about Putin

Mark Feigen, a lawyer who has defended many Russian dissidents in the past, was asked about that as well.

– Can the Kremlin poison Chubais? eliminate it? Of course it can. Chubais has enormous information about Vladimir Putin and his entourage, and about state secrets. First, he can know everything that happened while Putin was in power, he certainly knows almost everything that happened in the presidential apparatus for a quarter of a century. Vigin said in an interview with the 1+1 Ukrainian TV portal that he remained an advisor to Putin until the last minute.

Feigen also stated that Chubais had fled the Russian Federation and promised to remain silent in exchange for his “release”.

– We can only guess the reasons. Chubais left Russia. I think he probably ran away. And that he imposed the condition of remaining silent and “not escaping.” Thanks to this, he can feel safe abroad – added the Russian lawyer. According to his words, recently there were reports that news agencies tried to give an interview to Chubis, but he refused.

– Why didn’t this interview take place? Was he threatened? We don’t know about it yet. It seems to me that there are certainly some operations taking place around Chubais in which the Russian intelligence is involved – Fejgin added.

Gudkov: Chubais left at the most important moment for Putin

“Chubais left at the most important moment for Putin,” opposition politician Dmitry Gudkov, in an interview with the Russian section of Radio Svoboda, said. – The regime clearly considered it a betrayal, I have no doubts about it – said the opposition, who also resides outside Russia.

– I do not know the details of how Chubais managed to leave the country, but I will remind you of the words of Vyacheslav Volodin (Speaker of the State Duma – editor) that everyone who left Russia are traitors, which means that this also applies to Chubais. We know how Putin treats enemies and traitors. He added that he treats enemies as people to fight with and never forgives betrayal.

One of the few prominent figures of Yeltsin’s time

An anonymous interlocutor from the vicinity of Czubajs told in an interview with the independent portal Meduza that the condition of the Czubajs was improving. He did not disclose any details.

Chubais has served as Putin’s representative for sustainable development in the country as of December 2020. Previously, he was the head of Rosnano Corporation, which was established in 2007 with the aim of developing nanotechnology.

Chubais is primarily known as the architect of Russia’s economic transformation when he served as Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister under Boris Yeltsin. He was also the man to whom Putin owes his first job in the Kremlin, in the presidential administration.

Chubais was also one of the few prominent figures under Yeltsin who remained in power during the Putin era.

After leaving Chubag, the daily Kommersant wrote that the politician was the highest-ranking representative of the Russian authorities who protested the war between Russia and Ukraine.,, Kommersant

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