Indexing of pensions in 2022. Will the increase in benefits be greater than assumed?

in october for wash In the parliamentary committees, the draft budget for 2022, which was planned to be increased, was published annuities At 4.89 percent still growing inflation can make increase Benefits For retirees it will increase even more.

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Additional 200 PLN to the pension. You will not submit the application to ZUS

Pensions link. Higher inflation will translate into higher pensions

As we wrote in, Deputy Finance Minister Pyotr Batkovsky said at the beginning of November that the price increase may reach a higher level. It’s hard to comment on the cap when it comes to reading inflation. The 10% barrier appears to be. Not threatened. However, it is expected that 7-8 percent. Unfortunately, it is real in the near future – he said on Radio Plus.

When asked if it would be possible to reach the eight percent level later this year, he replied that it was “very possible.”

Deputy Finance Minister Pyotr BatkovskyPrices go up. Deputy Finance Minister: possible 8 percent inflation.

Indexing Pensions 2022. How much will interest increase? [WYLICZENIA]

annuities and annuities Subject annually valuation From 1 March. Indexing consists of multiplying the amount of the benefit and the basis for its evaluation by the indexation index – this is the annual average index Sin consumer goods and services (inflation) in the previous calendar year by at least 20 percent. average real growth a wage in the previous calendar year.

In short – higher inflation means higher pensions. As noted by “Super Express”, if the forecasts of Deputy Minister Batkovsky come true, the indicator could reach 9.9 percent. it will mean retired With the lowest interest, they will receive up to an additional 100 PLN per month.

How much will retirees get after their appraisal is shown below:

  • Current pension: PLN 1025; after indexing: PLN 1126.47; You will get: PLN 101.47;
  • current pension: PLN 1107, after standardization: PLN 1216.59; You will get: PLN 109.59;
  • Retirement pension currently: PLN 1188; After indexing: 1305.61 PLN; You will get: PLN 117.61;
  • Current pension: PLN 1270; After indexing: 1.395.73 PLN; You will get: PLN 125.73;
  • Retirement pension currently: 1352 PLN; After indexing: 1,485.84 PLN; You will get: PLN 133.84;
  • Retirement pension currently: 1434 PLN; After indexing: 1575.96 PLN; You will get: PLN 141.96;
  • Retirement pension now: 1515 PLN; after indexing: PLN 1664.98; You will get: 149.98 PLN;
  • Retirement pension now: 1597 PLN; After indexing: 1755.10 PLN; You will get: 158.10 PLN;
  • Current pension: 1679 PLN; After indexing: 1845.22 PLN; You will get: PLN 166.22;
  • Retirement pension now: PLN 1761; After indexing: 1935.33 PLN; You will get: 174.33 PLN;
  • Current pension: 2,660 PLN; After indexing: 2,923.34 PLN; You will get: PLN 263.34;
  • Current pension: PLN 2742; After indexing: 3,013.45 PLN; You will get: PLN 271.45;
  • Retirement pension currently: 2823 PLN; After indexing: 3,102.47 PLN; You will get: PLN 279.47;
  • Current pension: 2,905 PLN; After indexing: 3,192.59 PLN; You will get: PLN 287.59;
  • Current pension: 2,987 PLN; After indexing: 3,282.71 PLN; You will get: 295.71 zlotys;
  • Current pension: PLN 3069; After indexing: 3,372.83 PLN; You will get: PLN 303.83;
  • Current pension: 3150 PLN; After indexing: 3,461.85 PLN; You will get: PLN 311.85;
  • Current pension: 3,396 PLN; After indexing: 3723.20 PLN; You will get: PLN 336.20;
  • Current pension: PLN 3641; After indexing: 4001.45 PLN; You will get: PLN 360.45;
  • Retirement pension currently: 4,050 PLN; After indexing: 4,450.95 PLN; You will get: 400.95 PLN.

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