Kubacki confirms his impressive form at Oberstdorf.  Description Before starting TCS

The two practice sessions before qualifying in Oberstdorf turned out to be demanding due to the windy conditions. In the first session, they changed a lot, but two Poles hit the wind well, thanks to which they were in the lead. In the second she was blowing in the back and the starting beam was lowered. He did an amazing job David Kobackiwho won this session.

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Record-breaking start to the season for Polish skiers. It wasn’t good yet

Claim the first training

In the first practice, the wind often changed direction, which posed a challenge to the organizers, trainers and players. Players once had a dozen or so negative points, and once a lot added to the overall note. It was difficult to shoot perfectly out of the window with a favorable wind.

David did a very good job kobaki and Piotr Żyła, who finished second and fifth respectively, jumping 130.5m each. Kemal Stoch (123.5m, 12th place) and Pawel Wasek (125.5m, 31st place). Stoch had very difficult weather conditions. Much worse were Jan Habdas (118m, 41st place) and Stefan Hola (111.5m, 48th place).

Halvor Egner Granrod outshines the competition, reaching a height of 137 metres. Lovro Kos jumped as well, but he was classified fourth, because he clinched more points for the fair winds. The long jump of Clemens Leitner is also noteworthy. The Austrian jumped 134m and finished the exercises in eighth place.

Best 4 Hills Championship in years? At the moment, it symbolizes the crisis and the fall of the jump

Kubacki flew away

In the second training session, the wind calmed down a bit. The players could only feel slight gusts from behind.

Lovro Kos did a very good job, jumping up the hill, landing at 139 metres. However, he still finished third. He was passed by Michael Hayboeck (134 metres, had more points added for the wind and jumped two beams down). Kubacki won the second exercise with a very long jump of 138.5m, but this time Granrod did not jump.

Martin Schmidt, David Kobacki, and Piotr SelaSchmidt: “That’s why Kobaki won.” The legendary German impressed. “favorite”

Wąsek improved significantly, jumping 133 metres, and from low beam. He finished twelfth. A clear lead compared to the first practice was recorded by Stoch (130.5m from low beam even than Wąsko, 8th place) and Habdas (123.5m, 31st place). The hula also jumped a little better (113.5m), but was lower in the rating, because the others had improved more (54th place). yła jumped a little worse than in the first session. He jumped a distance of 127.5, finishing eleventh.

Rehabilitation will begin hour 4:30 p.m. Elimination pairs will be selected in the first competition series based on the results.

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