He disappeared on his way to school.  He was found a stone’s throw from his home 26 years later

The story stirred up public opinion in AlgeriaIt sparked a lot of speculation and sympathy for the man who was found and his family.

Algerian Omar Ben Omran, 19 years old, disappeared under mysterious circumstances on his way to vocational school. At first he thought he had been kidnapped and murderedBecause in 1998, Algeria descended into civil war between the government and Islamists. Unlike other family members, Omar’s mother did not stop searching for her son A woman on her deathbed in 2013 asked not to stop looking for him because she believed he was still alive. This turned out to be true.

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Nearly 26 years after his disappearance, Omar was found alive in the basement of the alleged kidnapper’s home – Only 90 meters from his residence.

Algerian forces entered the home of a lone 61-year-old man after the missing man’s family saw a post on his brother’s social media indicating he was holding someone captive. Investigators discovered a door hidden under the straw on the floor, behind which was the missing Omar.

The kidnapper was arrested. The local press also reported that in addition to kidnapping him, he also poisoned Omar’s dog after he disappeared. The body was found in front of the missing person’s family home.

The man who was found was transferred to a medical center to receive physical and psychological treatment. He reportedly told his family that he would sometimes see them pass through the window of the kidnapper’s house, but… “Some spell kept him from leaving.”

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