May 29, 2023


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There will be a new “Partner”! Will Donkey get his offer?

Studio Illumination is preparing for the premiere of the animated “Super Mario Bros. Film” but – as revealed by studio head Chris Meledandri – more projects are already planned. One of them is “Shrek 5” and his team, whose hero will be played by Eddie Murphy Donkey.

Will the original actor return in the new Shrek?

Illumination, after Universal’s takeover of DreamWorks, is preparing to reboot the series about the adventures of Shrek. However, Chris Meledandri wants the movie to feature the original cast and character voices of Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, and Eddie Murphy.

The process is very similar to “Mario”. We take the building blocks that audiences have come to love and try to do them as much justice as possibleMeledandri said. Then we work hard to build a story around them and new characters that will take us to new places. The original cast plays a huge role in the process.

No contracts have been signed yet, but negotiations with the actors are ongoing: We expect the cast to return. We have just started talks and they seem to be very excited.

After the success of Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, Meledandri is considering the possibility of more spin-offs: I love ass. DreamWorks made a movie about Puss in Boots, and I think you should have done Donkey. Donkey is funnier than Puss in Boots. I like the cat, but he’s not as funny as the donkey.

The head of the lighting department claims so Without a doubt, a donkey can carry its own film — especially since Eddie Murphy is interested in possibly returning to the role.

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The new “Singing” and “The Secret Life of Pets”

Chris Meledandri also revealed the secret of the studio’s other projects. We are developing a series of scenarios in the world of The Secret Life of PetsWe are not ready for production yet, but we plan to continue this series. One of the stories we’re working on revolves around one of the main characters from the first two games, but introduces a bunch of new characters. We are also preparing a movie about a group of characters. So we look at the issue from different angles.

There are also plans for the third part of the “Sing” series: It will feature characters from the original line-up, but the movie will take us to a new world.

The cartoon “Migration” is also in the works, the screenplay of which was written by Mike White, creator of the “Biay Lotos” series. The director is Benjamin Renner (“Ernest and Celestyna”). A group of ducks must leave their family pond, and the first trailer for the movie debuted before the Mario Bros. movie.