Or at first sight.  Cassia communicates with her mother 20 times a day!  "Where is my husband?"

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W “Wedding at first sight” Couples had to face reality. Some of the participants returned to work and began to get to know each other in everyday life. Kasia and Pawe moved in togetherBut the first week turned out to be a problem. The couple stopped talking to each other, and Peter Mossack joined in to help. The psychologist noticed that in Kasia’s life there is not much space for a relationship, because she is busy with constant communication … with mom ±.

“M jak miłość” is 21 years old. Interesting facts about the series about the saga Mostowiaków

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Ega from “Wedding at First Sight” remembers the wedding with Karol. “Paper *** for the storm”

“Wedding at first sight”. Cassia communicates with her mother 20 times a day! “Where is the husband?”

During the visit of Piotr Mosak, Kasia and Pawe, communication problems arose between the spouses. They both admitted that they spoke very little to each other. They spent a long weekend visiting family and friends. Every day was so full that there was no time to talk and get to know each other. but that is not all. Cassia said she underwent medical exams, and that she was not with Bowie, but rather with her mother. The psychiatrist was surprised by this recognition. He started a series of questions, but did not expect such an answer.

But my mom has a life and you have a husband. If a girl likes to find a husband and take care of him, not take care of her mother. Now honestly – how many times a day mom calls you? asked Peter Mossack.

a lot of. I don’t know 20 times – Kasia replied.

Pawe made no secret of his disappointment at the situation.

How often can you call your daughter? I do not have such contact with my family, but I know from my friends that most disagreements and divorces were due to mothers or fathers, because they entered the lives of children in shoes – Bowie said in front of the cameras.

he added Also in a conversation with a psychologist Kasia spends a lot of time talking with her mother and friends, and when evening comes, she no longer wants and does not feel the need to talk to him. Kasia replied that she “already owns it” and is very close to her friends.

amazing. If so, where do you have a place for your husband? – asked Peter Mossack.

Anna Lewandowska, Cesare KucharskiLewandowski’s ex-agent returns. “I loaned 2.5 million euros. So far it has not been repaid”

he added Also, Kasia may be afraid of marriage. Her approach to this relationship does not take into account her husband. The post felt a little trapped and felt like an attack on itself. She decided that Paul and the psychiatrist had “captured her” and she was “evil and bad”. After Piotr Mosak left the apartment, Kasia had a grudge against Pawe. And what do you think then to watch episode?

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