The best horror and thriller movies on Netflix.  List of over 20 productions


Two cops try to catch a serial killer who chooses his victims according to a special key – the seven deadly sins.

The zodiac serial killer terrorizes San Francisco. A group of reporters decide to discover the identity of the villain.

The boys who had been molested in the correctional school decided to take revenge on their tormentors after many years.

“Gra Geralda”
Through her husband’s bizarre sex games, tied to a distant bed, Jesse goes through strange visions, learns dark secrets, and faces an exciting choice.

“River of Secrets”

Adaptation of the novel by Dennis Lehane. Three friends’ lives change when one of them gets into the wrong car. After 25 years, their paths cross again.

During a dinner with his friends at his former home, a man begins to suspect that his ex-wife and her new husband have evil intentions towards their guests.

After waking up in a hotel room next to a deceased mistress, a young businessman hires a reputable lawyer to find out what really happened.

“red dragon”
When the police turn out to be powerless in the case of a psychopathic killer, an FBI agent seeks help from a patient in a prison psychiatric center, sentenced to life in prison for multiple murders and cannibalism.

Troublesome things begin to happen in the mansion where the Grace family lives.

Madrid 1991. After playing a Ouija board, a teenager discovers that strange things are starting to happen around her.

Three friends are on their way to vacation in Slovakia. Soon they are kidnapped and transported to the center of Hell.

“Doctor You”
An adult Dan Torrance, who is wandering across America, meets a young girl with the same abilities as him and tries to save her from the True Knot cult.


A biologist embarks on a mysterious journey where there is no law of nature.

Four old friends, who have rarely seen each other lately, will go hiking in the mountains – perhaps their last.

Jack takes a job as a janitor at the Overlook Hotel, which is cut off from the world. The horror soon turns into a nightmare.

“Whose house is this?”

Two young refugees are trying to make a fresh start in England. However, their efforts were thwarted by the horrific force associated with the horrors of war in their native South Sudan.

“The Woman in Black”

A young lawyer arrives at the deceased client’s mansion to sort her papers and learn that the area is haunted by a ghost.

“Interview with the Vampire”
The story of a widower who turns into a vampire in order to stop the suffering. His character does not allow him to kill people in cold blood, but he is not strong enough to choose suicide.

“Devil’s Advocate”
Kevin Lomax – a prominent lawyer, tempted by a lucrative job offer, moves to New York. However, he does not know who the donor is.

“I know”
Aaron responds to a job advertisement for a dying Joseph, who wants to portray a day in his life for his unborn son. The intentions of the employer arouse suspicion in the employee.

“two 2”
A vlogger looking for a job responds to an advertisement for a man who lives alone and wants to make a movie about him.


Will the waiter find a phone lost by a participant in the bar brawl? He starts receiving scary messages and his life quickly turns into a nightmare.


Alice makes webcam software obsessed with popularity on the Internet. When she fails to log into her profile again, she discovers that she has her own replica. Read also:
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