Keanu Reeves stars in Jonah Hill’s black comedy.  What do we know about the result?
John Hill He will direct a black comedy titled “outcome”. The project consists of Apple Original Films. We’ll see the main character Keanu Reeves.

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Keanu Reeves at the premiere of “John Wick 4”

What will the score be, Jonah Hill’s directorial debut?

hero “outcome” will be reef (Reeves), a Hollywood star ruined his life. When he receives a mysterious video, he must confront the demons that torment him and make amends to those he has wronged.

John Hill He will not only direct the film, but also play one of the roles. He also co-wrote the screenplay (with Ezra Woods) and a producer.

Not just the wolf of wall street. How do we know Jonah Hill?

The most famous role Jonah Hill It is Donnie Azov from “Wolf of Wall Street” Martin Scorsese. The actor has many comedic roles to his credit. We can see it in “super boy”And “knocked”And Neighborhood WatchAnd “21 Jump Street” And “22 Jump Street”And “Sharks” whether “do not search”. We can also see him in the miniseries “idiot”. He made his film debut as a director “the best years”which was about a young skater growing up in the 90s. In 2022, his documentary hit Netflix “Stutz”. Check out the trailer:

Phil Stutz He is one of the best psychotherapists in the world. For 40 years, he has helped a whole host of patients, including creative people and high-profile entrepreneurs, including those who question the cure. In a movie directed by his friend and patient John Hill, we learn about Stutz’s life and his unique conceptual exercises or methods. when hill u start Stutz A casual therapy session goes differently than a typical doctor-patient meeting, and both use methods to make therapy fun and effective. Watch an honest conversation Stutz And hill and their journeys into mental health, as well as a lighthearted exchange between two companions of different generations, we learn how the methods help everyone recover mentally—even people who don’t actively seek help.

“John Wick 4,” New Hit with Keanu Reeves on the Podcast I Have Some Comments

We encourage you to tune in to the I Have Some Comments podcast episode, in which Julia Takzanovska and Jakub Pobielicki talk about the film. “John Wick 4”which is the most recent result from Keanu Reeves.

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