December 6, 2022


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20 villains we love. Harley Quinn less character than Phineas and Ferb [RANKING]

Very often, the center of fairy tales are heroes with pure hearts, with whom viewers must sympathize. However, it happens that this plan was not realized at all, because the hearts of viewers were not stolen by them, but by their opponents. Of evil flesh and blood, ambitious rivals and mean sisters. Take a look at my arrangement – so subjective – of villains that it’s impossible not to love them. And charisma cannot be denied.

Who took first place?

MCU Can’t Create Bad Guys? Shang-Chi Mandarin might be the best out of them

20 villains you can’t help but love [RANKING]

Many cartoon heroes are rated, such as Gru from the movie disciplesZuko z Avatar: The Legend of Aang Or Doofenshmirtz from a famous fairy tale Phineas and Ferb. A character from the MCU, as well as the famous rogue Disney character, held a high position. One of Netflix’s recent premieres, the series’ Darkling deserves viewers’ sympathy Shadow and bones. See for yourself who defeated Harley Quinn herself!

Your pet is missing? Let me know in the comment who would be in your personal ranking.

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