Infinity War contains a bug that ruins the movie for fans.  Viewers were surprised by the problem

Avengers: Infinity War, considered by many to be Marvel’s best film, contained a bug that ruined the film for many fans. The 2018 production mercilessly “killed off” several characters who eventually returned to the MCU. Vision was less fortunate, and we had to say goodbye to him, although a new but different version of him appeared in WandaVision, which will get its own series on Disney+ in two years. The Avengers from 2018 is still being analyzed by fans who are discovering new details about Marvel’s production. The latest was announced by Madvocate, who bragged on X’s website about the material ruining Infinity War for some people.

Avengers: Infinity War – A bug has been discovered that ruins the movie for fans

The user showed a bug that appeared in the scene where Iron Man tries to save Spider-Man after Thanos’ shot. The superhero turns to dust, and a poignant scene distracts from the problem of Tony Stark’s left hand.

As we can see in the video, the character played by Robert Downey Jr. At some point it becomes abnormally hard. The worst impression is that Iron Man’s retreating hand is acting artificially.

When I got this clip, I couldn’t help but notice Tony stiffen at one point. Funnily enough, his hand became a flat image that was moved out of the frame, of course. “I can’t unsee him now, and neither can you,” Madfokit explained.

Loading media frame.

The error in the scene from Avengers: Infinity War was caused by the way the scene was filmed, which included special effects. Robert Downey Jr. He had to be removed from the shot in order for Peter Parker to turn to dust. At some point, the actor was replaced by a computer-generated image of Iron Man.

The material posted by Madvocate on X went viral, reaching more than 2.8 million views within a week. In the comments, many users expressed their displeasure, claiming that Madvocate spoiled the scene not only for himself, but also for other MCU fans.

Marvel fans are divided. Some believe that discovering this error spoils the emotional impact of the scene. While others take it with humor and accept that even the greatest productions may have their flaws.

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