After being robbed, a couple sees their insurance premium double

A couple were surprised to find that the premium on their new insurance contract had doubled and their coverage had changed after their car was stolen in January.

A few days after the claim file, they will collect their new car on Wednesday, but with a new insurance contract.

Appearing on the program “À vosaffaires”, Suzanne Michaud, CAA Quebec's vice-president of insurance, confirmed that it is possible for some insurers to change their coverage after a request.

“Insurers always have the ability to accept or decline certain types of risk. I often give the example of a person who wants to insure his house 50 feet from the water's edge against flooding. The insurer might say: 'That's too big a risk for me,'” he explains.

He wanted to clarify that he was not aware of the couple's file on insurance elsewhere, but believed the insurer wanted to change coverage because of the new data.

“It may be true that this couple is staying in a very dangerous neighborhood,” he says.

Watch the full explanation in the video above.

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