Kadyrovtsy massacre at the front.  The Ukrainians captured the Chechen unit – O2

There was an attack launched by Ukrainian fighters on Chechnya last weekend. Everything happened in the vicinity The village of Mirn, a few kilometers from the city, has been occupied by Russia since 2022. Kadyrovtsy’s unit came under fire from unknown assailants, and while the Chechens were waiting for help, the enemy blew up their car.

The Lada Niva car used by Ramzan Kadyrov’s soldiers was completely burned out. The number of victims is not yet known, and the Russians are trying to determine it. Just like who was behind the attack on their forces. However, they will not find the perpetrators soon, because local fighters are very effective in organizing actions against the occupiers.

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The material from the scene of the fighting and attack on the Kadyrovtsy family looks serious. Taking into account the element of surprise and knowledge of the terrain on the Ukrainian side, the unit certainly suffered heavy losses.

Ramzan Kadyrov likes to take pictures with weapons, just like his men. But when it comes to fighting, the Chechens are not known for their effectiveness. That’s why in Ukraine they are called the “Tik Tok Army.”

Perhaps their most famous raid was on Kiev, when it was destroyed by the Ukrainians in the spring of 2022 A whole column of vehicles with Ramzan Kadyrov’s soldiers killed several high-ranking commanders.

The Ukrainians inflicted heavy losses on Chechen soldiers also in other places on the front where there were people Ramzan Kadyrov withdrew and suffered heavy losses. This was the case in Bakhmut, Kharkiv region and after the partisan attack on Belgorod.

The Ukrainians declare that despite “all the attempts made by the occupiers to suppress them Or intimidate the resistance movement” in the occupied territories, the elimination of the enemy will continue systematically until liberation. The local population poisons water and food, and hunts down officers and collaborators.

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