Botox, steroids?  This is how Putin's face changed during the war [WIDEO]

How has Vladimir Putin’s face changed over the years he went from intelligence officer to president of Russia? How has his face changed in the past few months? Onet reporter Marcin Zawada answered these questions on “Onet Rano”.

Years ago, when Putin was still a young military man and then president, he looked different than he does now. He was thinner, and his eyes were sunken.

Vladimir Putin in 2001Vladimir Putin in 2001 – Yuri Kochetkov / PAP

In his later years, he gained weight. However, as early as three days after the outbreak of the war, which Putin called a “special military operation”, his face began to swell more and more.

In the official photos released by the Kremlin, you can see how he looks worse and worse every day, his cheeks puffed up and his forced smile.

This begs the question: Is this the effect of Botox or steroids? We cannot reply to them: Information about Vladimir Putin’s health is a strict secret. Many experts, when looking at these photos, do not see Swelling of steroid action.

Vladimir Putin 05/23/2022 Vladimir Putin May 23, 2022 – Ramil Sitdikov / Bab

In connection with these photos, questions about the health of the Russian leader are becoming more and more frequent.

Until just a few years ago, Putin boasted of his physical prowess. On May 9, 2022, the day of the great Russian national holiday – Victory Day – Vladimir Putin was covered with a blanket. He protected himself from the cold when the temperature in Moscow was about 10 degrees Celsius.

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