Kaczyski in Bielsko-Bieg will show his ignorance about climate change

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During the meeting in Bielsko-Biała, Jaroslav Kaczynski criticized the European Union, claiming that it favored some countries. – We want to be in the union, but we want to change this union – he emphasized. From there, he moved on to the issue of climate policy.

– There are already a lot of problems with the European Union – he continued, referring to ETS, i.e. Emissions Trading System. It’s an EU system that’s been in operation for many years, in which power plants and some other companies have to buy allowances proportional to the amount of carbon they emit. coalcause global warming. The money from fees goes to the state budget and can be spent, for example, on zero-emissions energy sources.

It will be sufficient, for example, to freeze ETS, that is, to reduce and freeze the price of ETS at such a low level, at least temporarily, and a significant part of the problems with energy prices will be, if not eliminated, at least very limited. If ETS is set too low, it will simply be canceled

– said Kaczynski. This manipulation is on the same path as the noisy “light bulb campaign” of state-owned enterprises at the beginning of the year. And then and now there have been attempts to blame ETS for high energy prices. However, this is based on double manipulation.

Or not, As we wrote at the beginning of the yearAlthough the increase the prices Allowances are therefore 15-30 per cent. Electricity prices – while the increases for consumers are sometimes much greater. Secondly, contrary to Kaczynski’s words, it can be clearly indicated that even with the price freeze in ETS, other factors will contribute to the rise in electricity prices. Now, the price of the allowance for emitting one ton of CO2 is about 70 euros – less than it was at the end of 2021, when it was more than 80 euros. On the other hand, coal and gas prices rose sharply – and they, along with the margins of fuel producers and suppliers, are the source of the increases.

as calculated InstaThe average price of a ton of hard coal for the energy sector last year was PLN 248. In August of this year, the price ranged from PLN 475 to PLN 641. Thus, even a reduction in the price of ETS will not make the energy price problems “address”.

The second element of the manipulation is that Kaczyński completely ignores what is happening with the money that Polish power plants pay in dams Educational testing services. And they go to the state budget. If it is spent on energy conversion and subsidizing zero-emission energy sources, then cost The fees for citizens will be lower – for the benefit of the climate.

Ignorance of the President of the Law and Justice Party

Kaczyński continued his statement with the conclusion that they “don’t want” a price freeze in the European Court of Justice anyway. why? – It’s not really about the climate madness, because the climate was changing with the change of the world – he said. He wondered if “those who say man changes the climate are right, or those, like that 93-year-old Nobel laureate, who frankly said: All cars shed When it’s immediately turned on, it has less impact on the climate than lighting a single match in a large gym.”

Kaczyński did not specify who he meant. However, you can guess that 93-year-old Ivar Guyiver, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in the 1970s. A few years ago, he was best known for his criticism of the science of climate change. As the site writes ukaoklimacy.pl, a. In his career, Giaever has dealt not with geophysics or climatology, but with semiconductors and biophysics. Included in a vociferous speech in 2015, the Nobel laureate cited a number of completely incorrect statements – for example that in the years 1996-2015 the Earth has not warmed. Regardless of his achievements in other fields, the scientist quoted by Kaczyński simply isn’t telling the truth about climate change.

Subsequently, Kaczyński added that he “does not decide whether he is right, because he is not a specialist in these matters.” – But in general I would like to emphasize that when it comes to serious scholars, opinions are very divided. But it was in the interest of some countries and some capitals and economic groups to announce all this and make money on it, and push the different countries under the shoes. We have suffered greatly because Tusk did not have the courage to veto, or he did not even have the courage, because it is known from which party he is–he said and suggested that Tusk acted in Germany’s favour.

Kaczynski’s comments are evidence of ignorance about climate change. Two of his claims — that “climate has always changed” and “scientists are divided” — are one of the easiest myths about the climate crisis to refute.

As we previously wrote on Gazeta.pl, the world of science Scientific organizations, universities, and climatologists have long agreed that the Earth’s climate is changing rapidly due to the emission of greenhouse gases by humans. Recent reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – the United Nations Committee of Scientists – have once again confirmed the undisputed impact of humankind on the currently observed global warming. The report was prepared by researchers, but the text of the summary is accepted by all countries of the world – this means that the PiS government also agrees with its findings.

The claim that “climate is always changing” is true in principle, but it is a manipulation in the context of current changes. why? Because it serves to obliterate the fact that constant changes are the result of human activities. We know that for sure. as noted ukaoklimacy.plIt is past climate changes that provide evidence that climate is sensitive to changes in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Recent research shows that there is an increased concentration of carbon dioxide and other gases The influence of human activity, not natural phenomena.

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