March 24, 2023


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Show claw picture.  This is what a jackal from Killira looks like now - o2

Show claw picture. This is what a jackal from Killira looks like now – o2

“Kiler” and “Kiler -ów 2-óch” are films that entered the history of Polish cinematography. Poles love the story given by Julius Macholsky. Viewers forever remembered the creations of Cezary Pazura, Andrzej Rewiński or Jerzy Stuhr. It has been said many times that both parts are among the best comedies in the history of Polish cinema. The first part even received the Audience Award at the Gdynia Film Festival.

Over the years, Polish viewers showed great fondness for the film “Keller”. It has been 23 years since the premiere of the second part of the film. During this time, the entire cast has grown up, and Krzysztof Kiersznowski, who played “Wąski”, died. During the Camerimage Film Festival in Toruń, there was a meeting that made the hearts of fans of the cult comedy beat even faster.

Cesare Bazora posted a photo on Instagram with representatives from the “Kilerów 2-óch” cast. Katarzyna Figora, who played Rysia Siarzewska, joined the film Jurek. Peter J. Lukas, aka Piotr Józef Andrzejewski, aka less frequently, also posed. The 60-year-old played a jackal in the late 1990s. Gray hair doesn’t look much like Keeler today.

“We’ve had an idea for a long time.”

Perhaps the photo of Claws in the company of actors from “Kiler” was not accidental. The main actor in an interview with Wirtualna Polska admitted that work is underway on the third part of the cult comedy.

It should be a different movie, the same quality, but not the same thing. I already know what it will be like. There are several parties that want the third “Killer” app and I don’t know what their vision is. But we had an idea for a long time, we write it very precisely – Bazura admitted.

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