On Wednesday, Justin Trudeau began his voyage to Caspian with a halt in Perth, where he unveiled his eagerly awaited action plan to repair the island’s main fishing port, Cape-Aux-Mules. Limited to several months due to structural issues.

In particular, Transport Canada plans to establish a vessel within the next fishing season.

Next, our government will conduct a study to determine what repair work needs to be done to allow the wharf to continue to serve the local community., Said Justin Trudeau. The work is scheduled to begin after the 2022 fishing season.

A The action plan was requested for several months With medallions, to be connected with them Significant restrictions on Cape-Ax-Mules wharf Since March. In particular, 11 of the 24 Mooring Pollards are condemned, and the loading of heavy vehicles and cranes is prohibited.

The Modelinodes have been demanding action from Ottawa for months to repair the Cape-Ox-Mules (archives) port.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Isabel Laros

In addition, it removes the Cape-Aux-Mules port from the list of ports to be replaced by the federal government under the Ottawa Port Facility Transfer Program. The federal government is reaffirming its long-term commitment to ensuring Wharf’s credibility.

Jonathan Lapierre, mayor of Îles-de-la-Madeleine, who was almost present at the meeting, was delighted with the announcement.

For us, it’s the heart, it’s the lungs of the islands community and today it is the strongest signal you send to our community in the first place, but to all of you government partners Cape-Ox Harbor Meals Federation, again and again for many years, He insisted.

Mayor Lobier Demanded the withdrawal of this from 2019 onwards.

Other announcements are planned

Today, it will announce $ 54 million in loans to the LM Wind Power Wind Turbine Blade plant in Caspian, Ottawa and Quebec City. The federal stake will be $ 25 million and the Legal government’s stake will be $ 29 million (excluding $ 15 million).

This incentive will create 200 jobs.

If an election is held, the Trudeau government will fight to ride the Caspian-Les El-de-La-Madeleine, represented by Minister Diane LeBautier. It competed fiercely with Black Cubacos in the last election.

Also, Prime Minister Trudeau is expected to be in Montreal on Thursday for an important announcement regarding the aeronautics sector. In the last federal budget, $ 2 billion was allocated to this industry. By Thursday, the use of this aid should be detailed.

The Trudeau government hopes that many jobs will be made profitable in the aeronautics sector on the South Coast and the North Coast (Montreal).

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