6 years after her departure, Polly Perrett (Abby) reunites with the star of the series.

Polly Perrett, iconic actress NCIS, got the star of the series. A reunion shared on social networks and the two actors are not alone.

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Polly Perrett was on top for a long time NCIS Thanks to her role as Abby. With a very noticeable gothic appearance, the young woman of great intelligence always knew how to distinguish the truth from the lie, analyzing the clues in her laboratory. Thanks to him, the NCIS team has often ruled out bad leads during its various investigations. Abby was a major character in the series, which aired on M6 in France and is available for streaming on Prime Video and Netflix, so her exit had a bombastic effect.

Pauley Perrette lifted the veil as she left NCIS

Polly Perrett did not immediately reveal the real reasons for her departure NCIS. Years later, the actress admitted that she got knocked on the door on the series by Mark Harmon, who played Agent Gibbs. The feud between the two actors began over Mark Harmon’s three-year-old pit bull. The latter brought him back to the film set. But one day, the animal bit a member of the production so badly that he had to receive sixteen stitches. From that day on, Polly Perrette refused to allow the pit bull back during filming. But since Mark Harmon was the executive producer of the series, he didn’t listen to her request. The actress made serious allegations against her friend.

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Invented by Polly Perrett Brian Deitson and star of the series Criminal thinking

If Paulie Perrett isn’t on good terms with Mark Harmon, she is with her former teammates. She recently found out Brian Dietson Jimmy Palmer played the role. A reunion that Abby’s interpreter shared on her social networks, causing a wave of nostalgia among fans. NCIS. The two actors also spent time with Kirsten Vangsness, who plays Penelope in the series Criminal thinking. On Instagram, Pauley Perrette posted a photo with her two companions while commenting: “No crime was committed here.”

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