Air Canada Comedy Errors for actresses on tour on the North Shore

Air Canada is again being targeted by disgruntled passengers, while four actresses who toured the North Shore were denied entry to their return flight.

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Almost a week later, actress Louise Deschatlets didn’t hold back when describing her experience.

“I have never seen such a situation. The service, language and tone used by the two Air Canada attendants was appalling. I wept before them; That tells you everything. »


The day after the performance of the play Eight women, at the Jean-Marc Dion theater in Sept-Îles, the group of actresses were due to fly back to Montreal on the wings of Air Canada on Friday (September 16). At the airport, only three of the seven actresses get a boarding pass.

“We had our tickets in hand. They were paid. But due to some reason, our names are not in their system. Instead of making things right, the attendants refused to board us, saying that we must have been scammed and that the flight was full anyway. »

However, everything indicates that this is not the case. Photographs taken by his colleagues show that AC-7989, a nearly fifty-seater flight, headed to Montreal with four empty seats. She believes these seats are the ones she and her three partners (Sonia Vigneault, Pascale Desrochers and Marie-Andre Lemieux) left behind.

New tickets are $948.69

Finally, the actresses were on the next flight approximately 10 hours later, with new tickets at $948.69 (including taxes) each, one-way, as predicted by Vasco in Sept-All.

“There’s no sense in paying so much for a crappy service, opines the actress and the courier Register. Air Canada takes advantage of the world. »

For her part, the CEO of the travel agency involved, Danielle Giasson, is trying to calm things down, refusing to blame Air Canada.

“There was one Confusion Computers, perhaps questionable customer service, a downed Telus cellular network… that was the collection of problems that arose that day. Actresses are out of luck and we are not happy. But what they experienced here, she continues, could well have happened to them at Torvale Airport. »

Current currency in the region

May be. However, some calls in the community have made us realize that very few people in the region would be surprised by the lived experience of the actresses of the day. “Their victimization is common here,” says Mirka Boudreau, CEO of Int-elle Corporation, a project management company of all kinds in Sept-Îles.

The latter estimates that this series of flight delays or cancellations has cost more than $100,000 in all kinds of expenses (hotels, salaries, etc.) in the past three months. It also estimates that Air Canada has lost more than $1 million in contracts due to service failures, including its inability to travel on time for business.

The investigation began

Earlier this week, Louise DesChâtelets wrote to Air Canada’s head office to, among other things, complain about the service the two Air Canada employees received that day.

Via email, Air Canada’s public relations department confirmed it is currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the file.

However, the four actresses’ bookings were “made with a third party” and at this stage of their ordeal, their files indicated that “in their case, no confirmation for this flight” had been sent to them.

“This is the reason why boarding passes cannot be issued to employees at Sept-All Airport,” concludes an Air Canada spokesperson.

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