Just one week after its premiere, Dune 2 has beaten the total number of “One” films at the US box office
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9 Mark 2024, 21:00

Dune: Part 2 is doing great in cinemas. Just seven days after its premiere, the film surpassed the first film's US box office total.

Image source: Dune: Part Two, Denis Villeneuve, Warner Bros., 2024


Sand Dunes: Part Two It conquers cinemas. The film is so popular that seven days after its premiere, it beat the overall score of the first part at the US box office. The 2021 show generated $109 million in ticket sales in the United States“Number Two” surpassed this result after only one week Since the first time.

According to the site collider, After Thursday, March 7th Sand dunes 2 The film earned $6.4 million in the United States, and its US box office result was $111 million, thus Seven days after its premiere, “Part 2” had earned more money in the United States than “Part 1” during its entire run on domestic screens.

Sand Dunes: Part Two However, it doesn't stop not even the weekend Look Very promising. On Friday, March 8, the film grossed another $12.3 million in the United States. It is estimated that during its second weekend, the show will earn $44 million in the United States, so in total, after two weekends after its debut, domestic earnings for Denis Villeneuve's work may reach around $155 million.

Where did this box office success come from? The quality of the show seems to be responsible for its popularity. Viewers want to see a great production on the big screen. And about that Sand dunes 2 Successful, they have proven that much Favorable reviews. Journalists call the film Villeneuve's best work and one of the greatest films in the history of science fiction cinema. Reviews of viewers who are pleased with both the pictures and the plot itself certainly help. It's also certainly significant that the Canadian show doesn't currently face much competition in cinemas. Pandemic doesn't stop '2' from making money – Part 1 wasn't so lucky.

Dune 2 – Budget

Film budget Sand dunes 2 It amounted to 190 million dollars. Interestingly, during its opening weekend, the show grossed $178 million worldwide, so the production paid for itself roughly just a few days after the premiere. Just five days after its theatrical debut, Denis Villeneuve's work became the highest-grossing film of 2024. At this point, the production has generated worldwide revenue Approximately $435 million.

Although Warner Bros. We have not given the green light for the third part yet, and given the impressive financial results, it seems that announcing the third part is only a matter of time. For a new movie set in the universe My debts However, we will have to wait a while, because before starting work on the continuation of The Fate of Paul Atreides, Denis Villeneuve plans to finish his other films. The director also admitted that he did not intend to rush filming My debts 3, which can be useful. Viewers would certainly rather wait a little longer for a great show than be disappointed by a production that could have been done in haste.

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