JE: Our animators condemn these scammers who steal their image to sell products

Two of our animators keep having their image stolen by scammers trying to sell you miracle products. Gino and Yves-Marie joined their voices to condemn this situation on the JE show

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We wrote about the same thing a few months back. Once again about these famous people Scam pages that impersonate public figures on social networks.

A few months later, the situation has not changed. A group of Among other things, we decided to look at this real scourge affecting both of our animators hello hello.

These unlimited scammers have invented all kinds of miracle weight loss products. The latter use photos and videos of Gino Chouinard and Eve-Marie Lortie, taken from their social networks, to attract the attention of consumers without their consent.

Unfortunately, much to the chagrin of our two hosts, many still fall for these ill-intentioned scammers.

An invitation to despair

Gino and Yves-Marie also attended the JE group’s first report of the season to condemn this unfortunate situation. People are requested not to believe these fake ads and be aware.

The first time, Gino finds it funny, but he believes the situation has deteriorated.

host Hello weekend JE took the opportunity to share a small segment from the show . He recalled that he had nothing to do with these weight loss advertisements.

« Because scams continue… because scammers know no bounds… I have nothing to do with weight loss product ads. I begin its season on TVA this year with les voleurs d’images. When will the authority come to stop fraudsters from acting like this???? “, can you read this publication.

Listen to JE coming back next Friday, September 22 on TVA.

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