Computers and smartphones are widely known to be effective in solving most of the problems faced by man. From issues in communication and searching for information to issues revolving around buying and selling, smartphones have proved to be the go-to option for many people.

However, artificial intelligence has gone beyond phones; more portable devices have been made and prominent among them are smartwatches. While they look like regular digital watches, they come with some smartphone features such as a touch screen and app display. Apart from being used to check the weather, play games, and music, smartwatches also perform tasks that may not be obtainable in smartphones and these tasks can improve your health. 

On platforms like Luminablog, you can read up some interesting ways smartwatches can help improve your health, whether or not you consider diet products an option for good health. Keep reading to find how a seemingly time-measuring device does this.

  • Smartwatches Help to Monitor Heart Rate 

Most brands have a built-in heart rate monitor that alerts you, especially during exercises if it seems you’re putting too much pressure on your heart. This helps you to avoid exhaustion and injury.

  • They Can Detect Falls 

Accidents happen and there’s little or nothing we can do to control when they do or what we do afterward. A smartwatch can detect when someone falls and even call emergency services if the person is unconscious. This is a life-saving feature in case such an accident happens in an isolated area.

  • It’s Easier to Track Dieting 

Keeping fit through dieting is a chore and one gets to be caught away once in a while. Wearing a smartwatch while eating helps monitor safe calorie intake. You get a notification when you’re eating a bit more than is good for your fitness goals.

  • A Smartwatch Also Helps You Exercise Safely 

If you exercise while wearing a smartwatch, the smartwatch keeps a record of how much exercise you do. When you go through the information logged in the watch, you can decide if you need to increase your efforts to meet your goals or reduce it to protect yourself.

  • You Can Set Reminders for Your Medications

A busy schedule may likely cause you to forget when you need to take a dose of medicine. A smartwatch solves this unintentional drug abuse as you get notifications on the hour whenever it’s time for your next dose.

  • It Has Blood Pressure Monitoring Features 

A patient with a history of high blood pressure can monitor it easily with a smartwatch and check into a hospital before it rises above what can quickly be contained.

Smartwatches are devices fitted with artificial intelligence to perform a variety of functions. Apart from the regular smartphone features, they help to monitor heart rate and pressure, track workout and fitness goals, monitor calorie intake, and give reminders for medications. Most interestingly, they can also track falls and send SOS alerts if the wearer is unconscious.

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