Jason Momoa drunk and threatened by Elon Musk: The chaotic shooting for “Aquaman 2”

Actor Jason Momoa allegedly dressed up as Johnny Depp while drunk and taunted his co-star Amber Heard on the set of the film. Aquaman and the Lost KingdomIn 2021.

It is reported in the magazine Variety On Tuesday evening, fans of Johnny Depp paid court costs to make public the professional notes of Amber Heard’s therapist.

According to the therapist’s writings, TR Don Hughes describes the atmosphere of filming HeardAquaman 2 In 2021, during the same shoot, Momoa reportedly showed up on set “late, drunk, dressed like Johnny Depp” while letting him know that he needed to be fired.

The state of Virginia, where the Herd vs. Deb hearing was held, has an access to information law that allows any citizen to request to consult documents given to a judge during a hearing.

Momoa’s team did not comment on the situation, but a representative for DC’s parent company didSon of the sea, Batman And the agency denied the alleged allegations, saying, “He conducted himself in a professional manner throughout the shoot. d’Aquaman 2

Elon Musk to the rescue

According to the information collected by VarietyAmber Heard was not initially part of the plans for the second chapter of the saga Son of the seaBecause of the lack of chemistry between him and the film’s lead actor.

Before proceedings between her and Johnny Depp began, the decision to remove Heard from distribution in 2018 would have been made, but Elon Musk’s representatives had changed that given a letter to Warner Studios. The Tesla founder and actress had an up-and-down relationship between 2016 and 2018, shortly after her divorce from the Jack Sparrow actor was officially announced.

On that note, Musk allegedly threatened to “burn Warner Bros to ashes” if Warner Bros. didn’t renew Amber Heard’s role as Mera in the second film. Son of the sea.

Elon Musk’s team has yet to comment on the situation at the time of writing.

Release of the film Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Scheduled for December 2023.

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