Robert Lewandowski’s surprise after the match against Latvia.  I don’t understand why so many people say this

The Whites and Reds won 2-0, with Lewandowski scoring the second goal after a precise cross from the side of the field.

– There were many situations, and there could have been more goals. Everything was under control until the 70th minute, and in the last minutes the opponents tried to create something. I think we accomplished most of what we set out to do. There was activity, rehearsals and shoots. In this regard, we have done our part – he said in an interview with Marcin Fedek.

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Lewandowski and his teammates will compete in the qualifiers to qualify for Euro 2024. In the first match of March, Michal Proppers’ side will face Estonia.

We had opportunities to decide the match in the first half, but we did not take advantage of them. This match can be evaluated positively. Step by step, it is impossible to change everything and make it work right away. He added that the positions, goals and victories must bear fruit in the future, and I believe they will.

In the match against Latvia, several players made their debut, including Marcin Boka, who kept a clean sheet.

– The pace in the first half was really strong. Things were happening, and we were getting into our position. He admitted that the new players played scoreless – congratulations to them, because it was certainly a great experience for them.

There has been a long-standing debate about Lewandowski’s role in the national team. Some fans and experts accuse the Barcelona player of being unnecessarily involved in playing the ball almost in midfield, which is why he later misses the opponent’s penalty area.

– The team is not for me, I am for the team. My role is changing, you have to be aware of that. I’ve always made a living out of this mode, but I also look for other options or moves to stay ahead of the game. I turned the situation I had into a goal. “A lot of people think that the national team is for me and I don’t understand why they say that,” he concluded.

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