It’s time for the final exam.  An inconvenient rival on the path of the poles at the monument

PAP/Adam Warżawa/Pictured: Poland’s volleyball team

Jacob Ford

At the end of August, the Polish national team will start competing in the European Championship. In front of the volleyball players, the final test, that is, the powerful memorial to Hubert Jerzy Wagner. The first opponent of the Whites and Reds will be Slovenia.

European Championships and Qualifications for the Olympic Games in Paris. These are the two most important events of the season that await Polish volleyball players.

First, Biało-Czerwoni will try to win the gold of the European Championships. They now appear to be the main favorites after winning this year’s edition of the Nations League. But our volleyball players were also supposed to win Olympic gold in Tokyo, and they ended up in the quarterfinals.

Before the Poles start fighting for medals, there is a rehearsal. Because this is what we can call the monument to Hubert Jerzy Wagner, where the competitors will be Slovenia, Italy and France.

First, Biao Zeroni will face the Slovenes. He has become an uncomfortable competitor. And although this was not confirmed in the last tournament, nothing has changed. We still remember the defeats against this opponent.

The current form of both teams is unknown. But playing at home again makes us the best in this competition. Especially since we may not play this season.

At 17:30 the match between Poland and Slovenia will start. And the approach of both teams will be very important in it. However, Nikola Grbic’s players seem to have an appetite for even the ultimate victory in front of their home crowd. And rivals, as rivals, will certainly want to play a prank on Polish fans.

Monument to Hubert Jerzy Wagner:

Poland – Slovenia, 6:00 p.m. 5:30 p.m (broadcast on Polsat Sport)
Italy – France, 6:00 pm 20:00 (broadcast on Polsat Sport Extra)

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