Kubik remembers one thing mainly after the match with Russia.  "Passing through the human concept"

World champions vs Olympic runner-up. Classic volleyball game. The quarter-final match between Poland and Russia was going to be excellent. It was great, but only for our team. Except for a short segment of Group B, the silver medalists at the recent Tokyo Olympics had absolutely nothing to say.

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Great revival. Champion of the Poland-Russia match

– I think everyone liked it? asks our captain Work crewMichael Kubik. I liked what was happening in the stands the most. She adds that such moments are unforgettable for the rest of your life.

The Russian coach criticizes the team. There is a reaction after the defeat against Poland

“Beyond the human concept”

Eleven thousand spectators in the city on the border between Gdansk and Sopot I want Arena Create a really cool atmosphere. It’s a big deal for our volleyball players because they missed that atmosphere. And also because they appreciate the support so much after their failed performance in Tokyo, where they were eliminated in the quarter-finals.

There is no such atmosphere anywhere else in the world. What is happening with us is beyond human comprehension. We are happy to play in front of such an audience – says Kubiak.

Minimum target, maximum target? Volleyball players have a different goal

The captain pays more attention to the fans than to what he did with his friends on the pitch.

– I don’t know if it’s the minimum or the maximum goal, we just want to enjoy volleyball in this tournament and the fact that we can spend time with each other – answers a reporter’s question about whether promotion to the medal area was for the team’s lowest goal.

The Russian media collapsed after the defeat to Poland. The Russian media collapsed after the defeat to Poland. ‘It was like death’

Was it our best match of the tournament? I think so. It’s hard for us to judge everything hot, but we played the game we controlled from start to finish and we’re happy with it. It’s a big trick to dominate the match with Russia from start to finish – Kobiak ends.

Strong game Sport.pl – #StrojeZaAsy in the European Volleyball Championship

The editors of Sport.pl fund match kits for young players for every service that Polish volleyball players provide at the European Championship. So far, the Poles have earned 51 points by playing them, which means donating 153 outfits!

We will count the following stars online and on outdoor advertising at the Cepelia building in Warsaw and the main railway station in Katowice – the unofficial Polish capital of volleyball, where the final stage of the entire event will take place. Work details here, the rules of competition, in We’ll draw the clothes here.

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