The Russian tennis player is angry with Lotte.  He’s talking about Nazism.  We have the answer from LOT Tenis

32-year-old Vitalia Dachenko posted a powerful post on Instagram in which she criticized LOT airlines and policy towards Russian citizens after Russia attacked Ukraine. “Does it really help improve the world peace situation?” – this is the headline of her relationship on social media.

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Dachenko is angry with Lotte

“A lot of airlines have refused to fly to Corsica because I have a Russian passport. It was a flight from Cairo via Warsaw to Nice – and that’s because I have a Russian passport. The rules of the airlines are that they don’t suddenly allow any Russian to travel on the lines,” Datchenko wrote. Big Fly.”

The Russian tennis player took part in the ITF Egypt 12A tournament of the lower category in recent days. Dachenko feels unfairly treated. “I’ve had all the messages of support with me from the women’s tennis organization (WTA), the International Tennis Federation (ITF), but in reality in modern tennis it doesn’t seem to matter at all,” she points out.

She confirmed that her father’s letter did not help her either. “My father is from what is now Ukraine and works for the United Nations. This letter states that I am his daughter (airline policy allows family members of diplomatic passport holders to travel by plane), but all airlines are refusing to fly today due to my hometown.” She adds, “As a result, I was stuck in Cairo airport for 18 hours, sleeping on a bench, having no food, and could not leave the airport.”

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Dachenko claims that as a Russian citizen she was granted a visa to Europe for only 14 days (“other athletes get 2/3 years”). The visa was to be issued by the Spanish authorities. “Because of this, the flight must go through Spain, otherwise they won’t let me travel. In fact, that means four flights instead of two!” – enraged the tennis player.

“Like a third world citizen”

“Because I am treated as a third world citizen, having spent several thousand Euros, I am now unable to access the tournament due to airlines not carrying Russians and my limited visa situation. In the end I have to withdraw from the tennis event, and the only option is to return home. And losing another championship because of this situation.”

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The Russian player does not understand why she was treated in this way and described the war in Ukraine as an “unfortunate situation”. “As a professional athlete who performs without a flag and doesn’t represent any country, I’m just trying to get on with my life and pursue the career I’ve loved my whole life, and that’s fair to players who have nothing to do with any part of this unfortunate situation?” he asked.

Dachenko ended her passionate engagement with a blunt sentence: “I wish to be free from politics, racism and Nazism. Only peace and clear skies please!!!”

We have comment LOT

Today, 32-year-old Vitalia Dyachenko ranks 250th in the WTA ranking. To date, the highest of her career is 71st in the world. Originally from Sochi, her best professional result was the third round of the 2018 Wimbledon Championships. She has one WTA title in doubles under her belt with Greece’s Eleni Danielidou. In September 2011, they defeated the Ukrainian pair Lyudmila Kichenok – Nadia Kichenuk 6:4, 6:3 in the final match in Tashkent.

We asked a lot of airlines for comment. “LOT Polish Airlines could not accept citizens of the Russian Federation on board its flight, in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of the Interior and Administration of March 13, 2020 on the temporary suspension or limitation of cross-border traffic at certain border crossings (Journal of Laws 2020, Clause 435, introduced provisions The regulation imposes restrictions on certain border crossings, including at airports, in relation to citizens of the Russian Federation traveling from outside the Schengen area, ”- the press service of the company informed us.

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