Enter Air has a problem. The Competition and Consumer Protection Office has filed charges.

As stated in the announcement The Competition and Consumer Protection Office has questioned 10 practices of Enter Air Airlines.

“The Bureau’s analysis shows that Enter Air may be making it difficult for consumers to follow up on complaints in several ways. First and foremost, it is not respecting the law that changed the obligations of entrepreneurs regarding the deadline for responding to complaints. As of January 1, 2023, entrepreneurs will have 14 days to do so, and if they do not respond to consumer complaints within this time, it means that they have accepted them in full. Meanwhile, Enter Air continues to say it will look into complaints within 30 days. Therefore, the lack of response after 14 days, according to the company, does not mean that they have been acknowledged and consumers do not automatically receive what they have submitted.”

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Competition and Consumer Bureau claims against Inter Air: hindering the pursuit of compensation

“In addition, the carrier requires that a complaint regarding the baggage be filed at the airport immediately after the flight at the baggage claim office. A Property Irregularity Report (PIR) is then drawn up. According to the Head of the Competition and Consumer Protection Office, this is already a complaint, and a period of 14 days must be taken into account for responding to it. However, Enter Air requires consumers to file another complaint – in writing or electronically via a form on the airline’s website and must attach the PIR and other documents, such as the front and back of the baggage tag or its inspection slip. By these requirements that specify the consideration of complaints, the company may violate consumer rights.” – Added.

In the opinion of the Head of the Competition and Consumer Protection Office, Enter Air provides consumers with misleading information about the limits of its liability for delays in the delivery of checked baggage, as well as the rules of its liability for the destruction or damage of checked baggage or hand luggage.

The regulation clearly defines the rights and compensations of consumers, and the employer is obligated to inform them of this and pay the compensations due. Any attempts to limit consumer rights and disrespect claims made by entrepreneurs are unacceptable. As well as not responding to complaints within the legal deadline. “In our opinion, the carrier’s practices, such as the requirement to file a double complaint, may indicate a violation of the collective interests of consumers,” Tomasz Krestny, head of the Competition and Consumer Protection Office, said in the statement.

The company is threatened by, among other things: a fine of up to 10 percent of the trading volume for each of the disputed practices. It was added that “UOKiK constantly monitors complaints received by the Office and the European Consumer Centre. As part of the clarification procedures, it also looks into the practices of other airlines.”

We have asked Enter Air to comment on the decision of the President of the Competition and Consumer Protection Office. We are awaiting a response.

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