From the factory directly to the scrap, because someone did not care and did not check

An American truck driver has learned painfully how important it is to know the height of his truck. Unfortunately, in the case of motor transport, the height of the semi-trailer varies depending on the vehicles transported and must be checked after each loading. This is important information in situations where there are bridges, bridges and other obstacles with limited ground clearance on the road. This time, someone most likely forgot to check the height of the roof-mounted SUV assembly. It was a pity that fate brutally demonstrated this omission. Fortunately nothing serious happened.

The aforementioned Jeep Wagoneer was so slashed through the span of the bridge that it fell off the trailer and got stuck in an upright position. Even the accident in Detroit on I-375 under the Lafayette bridge, where the maximum permissible height is 4.37 m. It is worth noting that the Wagoneer pocket is assembled in Warren in the suburbs of Detroit.

Factories do not reach production

While you have to wait months for a new car, a customer waiting for a jeep certainly won’t be happy to hear that their vehicle has been jammed due to a bridge span. The fact that the transfer was insured would likely have been his consolation in the face of having to wait for the coming weeks.

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