The island of Bali has opened up to tourists.  no body came

In addition to vaccination, Indonesia will require a five-day quarantine of foreign tourists upon arrival. Health insurance up to PLN 70,000 will also be required. Reuters reported that the dollars in the case of infection with the Corona virus.

Meanwhile, contrary to expectations, on the first day the borders opened, not a single arrival at the local airport was reported – according to the airport representative. – The airport spokesman said: – We are ready and waiting for international flights, but nothing has been expected so far.

Unfortunately, no one came.

– We really are destitute. We were hoping that tourists would appear, unfortunately no one came – said the 52-year-old taxi driver waiting for passengers.

An employee of the island’s travel agency commented on the situation, saying the lack of flights was due to a sudden, unannounced government decision. The list of 19 countries whose citizens can travel to Bali was published on Wednesday evening. – (Tourists) just need some time to deal with visas and flight planning, said Bhutto Astawa of the tourism agency.

The pandemic has robbed me of my income

In 2019, 6.2 million foreign tourists visited Bali. covid-19 pandemic Bali is deprived of a significant source of income from tourism, which accounts for 54 percent of tourism in the country. The local economy – Reuters reports. In the first six months of this year, only 35 people from abroad traveled to Bali.

Outside of Poland, Bali has opened, among others for China, India, New Zealand, France, Italy, Spain, Hungary and Norway.

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