Italia.  A third of people infected with the Coronavirus have been hospitalized due to another illness

There are currently more than 18.6 thousand injured in hospitals, of whom about 1,600 are in intensive care.

Case studies of a survey of 550 infected patients, conducted by the Italian Federation of Hospitals in Rome, Brescia, Genoa, Bologna, Bari and Avellino, found that 34 percent of them were asymptomatic for COVID-19, a disease caused by virus SARS-CoV-2. They are hospitalized for other illnesses such as shock, heart attack, stroke, organ failure, diabetes, tumors and neurological diseases. There are also pregnant women who need obstetrics and gynecology treatment.

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In addition, the test showed the presence of the Corona virus in them. He explained that this “was taken to the hospital, not because of the virus, but because of the virus.”

The rest of the patients, or 66 percent of hospitalized patients, are diagnosed with pneumonia caused by this pathogen.

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In analyzing this data, the Hospital Consortium drew attention to the age difference between patients; Those who are hospitalized with the virus are older and of middle age 69 years. Only 14 percent of them were vaccinated with two or three doses.

hospitalized as a result of others diseases The average age is 56 years, and 27 percent of those vaccinated are vaccinated.

It is certain that in both groups the unvaccinated certainly dominates.

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