Scientists from the Polish Academy of Sciences warn.  "The death rate in Warsaw will rise by more than 225 percent."

All colors weather anomalies Unfortunately, it’s also a common sight in Poland, and there will likely be more of them in the coming years. It is not surprising, then, A call and warning from scientists from the Polish Academy of SciencesWho in a special message warned of the impact of cities on the climate of our planet. Cities that then have to deal with climate change problems on their own.

Among the specific threats to cities, researchers cited an increase in the intensity and frequency of extreme events, such as heavy rainfall alternating with periods without rain or Heat waves that may be more dangerous in the coming years. We read in the PAP version:

Scientists have also provided ideas for reducing the negative impact of cities on the climate through initiatives of local governments. These actions must include Comprehensive energy management (including energy saving) and city traffic, such as creating car-free zones or promoting walking and cycling.

Source: Door

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