The magic of the quantum realm.  Here’s a way to make graphene a superconductor

About how exactly superconductivity was obtained, the researchers wrote in their publication, which hit the poles nature. In theory, electrons that move too slowly should not be able to conduct electricity. In conventional metal, high-speed electrons are responsible for conduction, while twisted-bilayer graphene is characterized by low electron velocities.

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However, the goal of superconductivity has been achieved. How is that? To find out, team members led by Haidong Tian conducted an experiment that tested the electron’s low velocities and measured its motion with record precision.

As it turned out, the solution to the puzzle did not lie in velocities, but in quantum geometry. Where are the details? Most likely in the fact that the electron is not only a particle, but also a wave, thanks to which it also has wave functions. Following this advance, the engineering of quantum wave functions in flat domains, as well as the interaction between electrons, ensures that current flows in bilayer graphene without energy loss.

The superconductivity of graphene is due to the quantum geometry of wave functions

And that’s what the highly desirable zero-resistance case is all about. It is important that superconductivity be achieved and maintained at temperatures that are as achievable as possible. In most cases, this is not the case, and it turns out that temperatures have to be lowered to extreme values, which makes it difficult to widely use superconductors in everyday life.

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Jenny Lau, one of the authors of the new study, confirms that measurements made by her colleagues indicate that quantum geometry is responsible for 90% of what makes this twisted graphene a superconductor. The next critical step in the research will be to find a way to achieve the same effect at a higher temperature. If this happens, we will be able to talk about a real revolution. Currently, superconductors are mainly used in the world of science.

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