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It is common for film scripts to change as film production grows. As reported by “Insider”, citing its own sources, in “Don’t worry, dear”, however, some key moments of the plot (especially when it comes to the end) are omitted, making this story more accessible and obvious to viewers.

The original ending of “Don’t Worry Baby”

Note – the next part of the text contains spoilers about the plot “Don’t worry, baby”!

At the end of the movie, Alice receives shock therapy after asking a lot of uncomfortable questions. Then we discover that he lives in a matrix-like reality where men imprison women to lead ideal lives with them.

Carrie and Shane Van Dyke are the authors of the original “Don’t Worry, Baby” screenplay. After Wilde won the film rights, Katie Silberman, with whom she had previously worked at The Melange School, hired her to make her directorial debut. Silberman was giving the female character more subjectivity in history. Frank, the character played by Chris Pine, has been added to the script at this point.

In both versions, Alice refuses to be in a simulated reality and remembers her life. However, originally, the whole concept was better elaborated. Alice discovers that her husband, Jack, faked her own death in the real world to join a program where women can’t be achieved professionally, but are just the “timekeeping” version of their partners. After that, she and Jack exit the simulation, but Alice is forced to return. Then he tries to convince everyone that they are living in an alternate reality, which leads him to a psychiatric clinic. A glimmer of hope emerges when Bunny (played by Olivia Wilde’s “Don’t Worry Baby”) visits Alice and shows her a portal in the psychiatric ward that she can escape the simulator. The scenario ends with a scene as Alice approaches the portal to return to the real world.

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