Is this the end of Xavi in ​​Barcelona?  Drama: Coach Lewandowski lost everything

A while ago Tomasz ĆwiąkałaThe famous Polish expert in the Spanish League noted that the players stopped developing under the leadership of this coach. The commentator stated that he does not see a single Barcelona player making any progress compared to the previous season. As you can see, the decline in the level of Robert Lewandowski, who scored a goal against Real Madrid for the third match in a row, is not the only problem with the Blaugrana. There are definitely more of them.

Is Xavi's project in Barcelona nearing its end? Nothing is going in the right direction here

Xavi Hernandez continues to make the same mistakes, relying on players who have already let him down. For some reason, the Spaniard believes it will be different this time. However, it was difficult to expect Sergi Roberto to play a game in which he would dominate the midfield in front of Real Madrid's midfielders. Despite that, the coach chose him that day.

The second fatal mistake was using Jules Kounde in central defence. The Frenchman ran on the right side of defense that season and performed admirably. However, he reiterated from the beginning that his favorite position was the stopwatch. Xavi So he moved Ronald Araujo to the right side. Everyone lost. Both the Frenchman and the Uruguayan are shadows of themselves when comparing their play to what they showed last season.

Although errors are visible to the naked eye, Xavi He doesn't react and still persists in his crazy assumptions. The Spaniard, as a legend of the club and one of the best players in its history, has achieved great success from the beginning Loan of confidence from Joan Laporta. However, the atmosphere surrounding the Spaniard's job has become darker. Hope that the Catalan could take another step forward with FC Barcelona has faded.

More and more social media pages, bringing together hundreds of thousands of FC Barcelona fans, are asking them the question – should Xavi stay at Barcelona? In the comments, the vast majority claim that the Catalan's time at the club is over.

He has a similar opinion Michel Gaedek, editor-in-chief of the largest Polish website dedicated to “Pride of Catalonia” ( He recently stated on the “X” platform that Xavi remaining at the club harms everyone: Barcelona same coach and playersWhich he leads, which simply stopped developing during his tenure and, on the contrary, suffers from constant decline.

With a 4-1 loss to Real Madrid, Xavi Hernandez made history, or rather the shameful part of it. Since 1951, FC Barcelona has not lost El Clásico twice in a row, conceding at least 4 goals in both matches. This curiosity perfectly explains how the Pride of Catalonia team has performed in recent months under the Catalan.

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