Grosicki upon his return to the staff.  “You will see Souza in Livescorze, and you will remember” the Polish national team

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where Paulo Sousa took the position of the specified Polish national team Camille Grosicki’s position has greatly weakened. In the end, the ward stopped receiving calls at all. The Portuguese only took the 33-year-old to his first training camp ahead of the World Cup qualifiers in Qatar in March and allowed him to play just 40 minutes in all three matches.

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A strange change for Paulo Sousa. Nobody expects this

Grosicki candidly about returning to the national team. “You have to show it all on the pitch.”

For training camp before Euro 2020 Kamel Grosky The appointment is no longer received. He was on the reserve list, but the championship eventually missed him. The winger’s retirement was clearly due to his poor position at West Bromwich Albion, where he often missed the bench in Premier League.

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But in the summer, Kamel Grosicki made the pioneering decision to return to Poland and become a new player for Pogoń Szczecin. The 33-year-old is a pillar of the Costa Rongic team and, as he himself assures, wants to fight in a new place in order to return to the Poland national team. Coach Sousa knows me. He knew me from England and France. Now, when he sees me in Livescorze and there are some goals or assists, he will remember me. However, I calmly approach him. I had my own experience, but that calmed me down. I want to be happy on the pitch in Szczecin. I just want to make the fans happy – the winger said in an interview with the portal

Albania - Poland.  Karol Świderski (left) and Tymoteusz Puchacz protect their heads, while dairy fans, among others, throw plastic bottles at them.There is a decision from FIFA after the scandal in the Albania-Poland match! strong punishment

Grosicki was also asked how he intends to fight back to the beautiful Paolo Sossi. His answer was short and direct. – You have to show everything on the field, said footballer Pogoń Szczecin. The 33-year-old will have the opportunity to show off his skills on Saturday. His team will face Jagiellonia Biaystok at home in the 12th round Premier League.

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