Is there something wrong with the sun?  The giant spot doubled in size overnight

Sunspots can vary in size, but the sunspots, classified as AR3038, have caught the attention of scientists. This is because of the fact that in one day (from June 21 to 22) double its size It is already three times larger than our planet.

Scientists say this sunspot could be soon It became a source of torchlight for the middle class. If the coronal mass ejection is directed at our planet, then we can expect the aurora, which will be the result of the interaction of accelerated particles with the Earth’s atmosphere.

Photo: NASA/SDO, AIA, EVE, and HMI teams

The sunspot was captured on June 22 by the Solar Dynamics Observatory

The sun was especially beautiful active this spring. So much so that they generate many glows of class M and X. The latter are the most powerful, which in extreme cases can lead, for example, to problems with radio communications on the ground or to disrupt the operation of power lines and satellites.

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