Spurgeon He is in Cornish mythology a supernatural being, often a giant spirit in a small body, protecting other spirits and their treasures from human greed. It’s also the code name for high-profile ARCAM agents. A very appropriate symbolic name, as their mission is to find and protect powerful artifacts left on Earth by ancient civilizations. One such client is 17-year-old Yu Ominae, who from our point of view observes the organization’s struggle against a multiple enemy.

The Netflix series is an adaptation of the manga of the same title, but it’s not the first. In 1998, a full-length movie was made, based on one of the initial leads. And you can already see that the creators of the latest screen mod have done their homework, because the plot, characters and action are well presented. Anime does not dilute the source material. So here we have brutality, uncensored language and gallons of blood, no concessions. For some this may be a drawback, for me personally it is a plus. Not that I like violence in a way, but I appreciate sticking with the prototype.

The plot itself is not particularly revealing, but it is well managed and coherent. Our hero travels all over the world, dealing with different organizations, mainly the United States and Russia, while securing or destroying the above-mentioned artifacts. Each of the six episodes (twice as long as the standard 20-minute anime episodes) is new, and among them we can find flowers like Noah’s Ark and the Crystal Skull. Yu is very skilled in handling all kinds of weapons, and also wears a special suit to enhance strength. Thanks to this, action scenes gain more, and creators can play with supernatural themes.

All the characters in the series are well written, starting with Yu himself, who combines energy, teenage spirit, cold arithmetic and killer precision. The series also has a very large gallery of opponents to remember.

Big applause for the setting too. Although the series was built with the latest technology, as can be seen from the particle effects, at the same time, Dash is a homage to the classics of the ’90s, and the character design draws from a handful of original animation. It’s really nice to watch. He also listens, because the sound and the music are at the highest level. The only thing I can complain about is the lack of a memorable opening, but the rest definitely makes up for it.

to summarise: Spurgeon It is a great action anime. Everything is here – great fight scenes, interesting characters, a well-managed plot and a sense of humor. If it were not for the asymmetric level of loops, then there would be nine. Just watch and wait for the second season.


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