Sébastien Benoit’s Revenge on TVA Sports

– TVA Sports is closing soon…

– Jean-Charles Lajoie had to find a Plan B.

– Some say Lajoie won’t say no to the sports world.

– To create public television.

– Will Lajoie be interested in replacing Gino Chouinart as “Sult Bonjour” leader in 2024?

– No need to remind that our national Gino himself decided to leave the show in 2024.

– Lajoie might be a good candidate.

– especially since he’s used to being the target of ridicule in Quebec.

Gino Chouinard confirms it himself: no, he is not addicted to coca-ï-ne. No, he doesn’t abuse kittens. Why are you being told the obvious? Because comedians on stage say the opposite. Dominique Tardiff of La Presse writes.

In his show Invincible, Simon Delisle speculates that everyone has a dark side, even someone as unfailingly funny as Gino Chouinard, so the Salute Bonjour host must offend people in his spare time. Philippe-Audrey Larrue St-Jacques, in the children’s show of the century, imagines that this tireless good humor can only be based on the regular consumption of Bolivian fuel.

– Even Lajoie would say word of mouth is the easiest “medium” to do.

– But quite honestly, Jean-Charles Lajoie will never replace Gino Soinard.

– According to increasingly persistent rumours, it’s Sebastien Benoit.

– Ah…

– Sébastien Benoît is considered the coolest, least pretentious and down-to-earth personality in the entire Quebec show-biz community.

– Hostess “Sult Bonger” Bigg Boss is the biggest revenge.

– Remember that TVA showed him the exit door in 2015, just a year after arriving to the sports network with much fanfare. The presenter occupied the 5pm box on weekdays with Lee Fanatic during the last television season. However, the channel pulled the daily from the airwaves to make way for Destination Coupe Stanley, starring Sébastien Benoit.

– TVA Sports has not given a reason for his dismissal, but Fanatik’s low ratings are certainly unrelated to his cancellation. In its only season on the air, the show averaged only 6,600 viewers.

— to return through the front door, this time to the empathetic Benoît, the host of TVA’s airwaves and Quebec’s most-watched morning show.

– At worst, he could put Lajoie in the game…

– Sebastien Benoit is so kind… he’ll gladly help Lajoie when TVA Sports closes its doors…

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