"My wonderful life."  Agata Buzek was robbed.  What was taken from her?

Agata Buzek I Jacek Brassack They starred in the movie “My Wonderful Life”, which was released on October 29, 2021. The two actors were also a couple in real life, but media reports show that they broke up after four years of relationship. In the film, Agata Buzek plays an affectionate wife, affectionate daughter, and a laid-back mother who nonetheless lives a double life. It’s a woman She no longer wants to be a good girl, but she risks living her own way. “My Wonderful Life” is, in my opinion, a film about fear and loneliness in emotions and the fact that such things happen to us and cannot be stifled or stifled, ”- said the actress in“ high heels ”. In an interview, she also told a story from her private life.

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Agata Buzek was robbed

The actress revealed in an interview with the magazine that Joanna, who played her role in “My Wonderful Life”, decided to say that she was tired of everything and could not live with her family. But in the end, viewers witness a scene that is meant to be a balm to calm a difficult situation. Agata Buzek stressed that it is important for her not to burn bridges in relationships and not make final decisions after someone has made a mistake..

In response to whether others consider such an approach naive and inconsistent, she told a story that happened years ago in her life. It turned out that many years ago someone broke into the artist’s house.

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Agata Buzek revealed and added that although the thieves stole her grandmother’s cutlery, they would not take away her confidence in life and openness to people.

– The actress confirmed.

Photo: Jaroslav Antoniak / mwmedia / MW Media

Agata Buzek’s new design caught the attention of photojournalists

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