The oldest mine was discovered in the Americas.  It is thousands of years old

Research by Wyoming archaeologists and scientists from the University of Wyoming has found that the mine is approximately 13,000 years old. It was used to extract red ocher. The discovery suggests that may be the case The oldest mine in the Americas.

The first studies were conducted as early as 1986. In contrast, detailed analyzes were carried out from 2016.

Red ocher (Hematite) in Antiquity Societies (Pre-India) served a wide variety of functions. First of all, it was used as tincture during various rituals. Traces of ocher were found, among other things, in ancient tombs and the remains of settlements.

The mine examined is one of five identified sites of this type in the Americas.

handicrafts Clovis Society (Paleoindians), who are considered the first inhabitants of North America. They lived during the last ice age and hunted, among other things run mammothor mastodons. Stone tools, scallops, and arrowheads were found here.

Archaeological excavations were conducted in 2017-2020. During this time it was documented Several thousand prehistoric things Dated in antiquity. Archaeologists found an average of 30 pieces of stone tools per square meter. Many animal bones and antlers were also found, which were used to extract red ocher.

Archaeologists believe that ocher is found in Throughout the central region of North America.

Recent research shows that the site was used twice. The beginning of extraction and settlement began 12,840 years ago and lasted several hundred years. In addition to ocher activities, ancient indians They made and repaired their weapons here. Then, for unknown reasons, there was a break in the settlement of this place, which lasted at least 100 years. Then the quarry area was “activated” again.

Extensive archaeological work is still underway, which will allow a better understanding of all prehistoric relationships.

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