Asa Wednesday Charcoal Victim Wednesday Evening |  Jeanette Reno is still in the hospital

He was admitted to the Pierre-Pacher Hospital on Wednesday evening following intensive care, and Jeanette Reno’s condition is stable, but she will have to spend several days in the hospital for further tests.

Josie Lapoint

Josie Lapoint

On the other hand, her daughter Natasha Vatier, who could not be reached for comment on the cause of her illness, confirmed this to us over the phone. Like everyone else who goes to the hospital we are ready. But we cannot express anything because we do not know ourselves. ”

Jeanette Reno was first admitted to the intensive care unit on Wednesday and then transferred to her room on Thursday morning, still at Pierre-Poucher Hospital. She should be there at least until Monday, she values ​​her daughter.

“There are other tests to take and there are no doctors for it on the weekends. They want to see her and try medication.”

The 75-year-old singer is fine, says her daughter, who is with her brother Pascal. “She’s sitting, she’s taking emails, she’s talking to us, she’s singing. Everything is fine.”

Janet Reno has no show on her calendar or professional activities. “No. She can’t wait to go to Florida! It’s been two years since she left.”

Janet Reno suffered a heart attack in January 2014 while staying in Florida.

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