Indexing of pensions for 2024. This is how many seniors will receive a raise in the next year [22.08.2023]

This year’s pension adjustment exceeded all expectations with a record 14.8 percent increase. It should be noted that persons receiving pensions at the minimum benefit level, amounting to approximately PLN 1,600 gross, enjoyed an increase in the gross amount of PLN 250 (which translates to net PLN 227.50). This is especially beneficial for people with small pensions, as it increases wages, which is felt in practice. What predictions can be made for the next year? What is known about pension indexation for 2024 and the implementation of the “300 Plus” program?


The perspective of 2024 brings many expected changes in the matter of pensions, including the planned indexation and continuation of the “300 plus” program. The currently available information, which is published by various Internet portals, indicates that the upcoming indexation of pensions will include both a percentage and an amount component. Early government calculations indicate an expected inflation rate of around 12%, which translates to smaller percentage increases.

However, according to reports from a confidant of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, there is consideration to increase the share value up to PLN 250, possibly even PLN 300, compared to this year. The main goal of this measure is to provide greater financial support to retirees and participants of the “300 plus” program. Therefore, a year full of changes and novelties awaits us for people who use these benefits.

The next year 2024 will bring changes in the field of pensions, especially when it comes to minimum pensions. It is planned to introduce an indicator of the percentage of pensioners whose benefits exceed the minimum. The certified growth rate is 12 percent. For those whose pensions are less than this limit, it is planned to raise the minimum pension by increasing the share. Currently, the minimum amount is PLN 1,588.44, and after an additional increase of PLN 300, the total amount will be PLN 1,888.44.

It should also be noted that persons receiving benefits of less than a total of PLN 2,800 will receive guaranteed increases in amounts. However, for those with higher pensions, it would be better to raise the proportion, which is a response to the specific needs of the elderly. For an accurate pension forecast in 2024 after taking into account the percentage index, we invite you to check out our photo gallery. There are detailed accounts for individual annuities.

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When considering the 2024 index, it is worth focusing on the impact on the benefits of the 13th and 14th. It should be noted that the potential increase in minimum annuities will translate into higher amounts than the additional thirteen and fourteen payments that would be made on a regular basis. The maximum additional interest can be up to PLN 1,718.48 net.

However, keep in mind that current calculations are preliminary estimates. Final decisions will be made in early 2024.

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