Down jackets for the winter – recommended models with natural and artificial feathers

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Down jacket – with natural or synthetic filling?

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No other material provides as good thermal insulation as natural goose or duck feathers. The 3D structure of the filling retains air, preventing heat generated by the body from escaping. It must be remembered that down is never pure, there is always some feather added (the less the better). These types of jackets are very light and therefore comfortable, but when wet they may lose their properties – the lumpy down ceases to insulate well against the cold and becomes heavy.

See selected down and feather down jackets:

You can also find jackets filled with synthetic down, i.e. (sometimes recycled) polyester fibres. It works well during rain and snow – it dries quickly and does not lose its properties even when wet. At the same time, during severe frosts, there may not be sufficient protection against the cold. Jackets with synthetic fills are usually much cheaper than down coats.

See our selection of synthetic down jackets:

Fashionable styles of down jackets

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We agree that a winter jacket should be warm above all else – but there’s nothing stopping it from keeping up with current trends! So which models deserve special attention?

  • Long padded coats – They reach mid-thigh or even mid-calf. It covers the entire back and buttocks, making it really warm (you definitely won’t be blown away by any wind!). They usually have a loose cut and are slightly oversized, but there are also models with a belt.
  • Down jackets in a sporty style – They are loose and simple and fit perfectly into a leisure style that involves combining elements of sportswear and casual wear. It is perfect for everyday wear. You can easily combine it with sneakers or insulated shoes and flared jeans.
  • Down jackets with fur — Applying fur makes the cover look more attractive and at the same time provides an additional barrier against wind and low temperatures. It is most often found on the hood, although designers sometimes place fur on the collar or sleeves.
  • Short puffer jackets – Short jackets are also coming back into favor. This is a very clear reference to the trends prevailing at the turn of the 1990s and 20th century.

See which warm jackets you can buy now at a cheaper price:

He remembers! A winter jacket doesn’t have to be just black. This season it is worth choosing camel beige, red, green and even purple. Models with a metallic finish also attract attention.

See more down jackets for winter:

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