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Live cinema refers to a documentary approach where the protagonists know how to shoot to the point of forgetting the camera. They expose themselves too much during a shoot without them knowing.

Emily Cotte

Emily Cotte

There is a search for truth and identity in Hubert Lenoir’s second album A film about itself: live music.

“You look like someone you can appreciate that I am not a normal person,” Hobart Lenoir sings in the opening room.

“His picture” Meaning “self portrait”. The 54-minute record is very motivated. There is also a warning on its cover: “This album can be embarrassing at times. ”

Is it uncomfortable? We’d like to say to Hubert Lenoir that he doesn’t have much to justify who he is, especially on the second album – let’s be honest – more than those who already know him.

Lenoir and his audience are in a safe place during live cinema shooting (Safe place). 54 minute music break Overcome by the many sparks of pop genius.

Let us quote the electro-funk order Four quarters. Ballet October Lenoir emphasizes how music acts as a shield and a way out of his shell. Adventure ring, An indescribably interesting piece, The Groove Soul-e at zero gravitational force Phase Or Ville-Marie b.

On the contrary Darlin, Lenoir’s first solo album, no juice Daughter of the person IIIt hides the rest. Tools, high rap, electro and jazz are at the highest level (hats for hot classified partner).

Form A film about me: live music There is no such thing as “comfort charcoal”, but it is not simple. Excerpts from Robert Charleboys’ classics performed by the CRABE group serve as transformations and excerpts from conversations recorded here and there.

If the ideological and artistic direction of the album is less clear to the public than Hubert Lenoir, it is a fascinating epic to the ears. We can only appreciate the lyricist’s melodic ability, his voice interpretation Clam And his music is addictive. Area Sugar + salt, Lenoir makes obvious and consistent nods to Prince and Tube Lady Marmalade. A tour.

For any group or individual artist, the second album is a dangerous exercise. According to Hubert Lenoir, this may be a step towards “I”, but with so much enthusiasm he unites everyone who is a savior of music.

A film about me: live music


A film about me: live music

Hubert Lenore

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