Bayern would be happy to sell Lewandowski.  Thanks to him, he will break the record

What is most talked about in the media is 45 million euros plus five million bonuses – and that’s what Barcelona can offer Lewandowski. The offer will please Bavarians who have never sold a player for this amount before.

So far, Bayern Bayern is the most expensive player Douglas Costawho went to Juventus in 2018 40 million euros. The next places are occupied by Mats Hummels (30.5 million), Toni Kroos (25 million), Owen Hargreaves (25 million) and Thiago Alcantara (22 million).

Record sales for Bayern Munich –

“It’s done! Robert Lewandowski will join FC Barcelona. Tomorrow he will leave Munich and next week he will be with Barcelona in the USA” – Toby Alchaffel wrote on Twitter. In another post, he added that the Catalan Duma will pay 45 million euros for the pole and 5 million euros in bonuses, and “Lui” himself will sign a 4-year contract by June 2026. Similar information was confirmed by- well-known transport expert Fabrizio Romano. Thus, the months-long transfer saga ends with Lewandowski.


Roberto, Pedro and Diego talking about Robert Lewandowski. What is the? Again an introvert, now finished humbly. When did you move? What kind of music does he listen to? Who stopped his father? What do you learn from Anya? We will also find out in which car he felt the king of life and why he fondly remembered a piece of cheese … The gentlemen also talked about the reasons for leaving Bayern Munich, future plans and whether Leoy’s ambition bothers others. There was also a knowledge test in Spanish and we learned how to ask for directions to the changing room in Spanish. Who knows, it might be useful. This is Robert Lewandowski as you’ve never heard of him.

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